Frequently asked questions

Are Jumping spiders dangerous/poisonous?

All jumping spiders produce venom, which they use to kill prey. This venom is not dangerous to humans. Jumping spiders rarely bite, if they do you may experience some mild pain and swelling.

How long do jumping spiders live?

6 months to 3 years depending on species and sex. Males usually don't live as long as females. The oldest recorded spider was a female bold jumping spider (Phidippus audax ) who lived 3 years.

Can I keep multiple jumping spiders together?

The short answer is no, as jumping spiders are not social and will cannibalize each other. The long answer is that some people do it anyway. It's most appropriate for very young spiderlings, mated pairs (for VERY short periods, yes, the female will sometimes eat the male), or large colonies kept for research purposes where the keeper doesn't mind some losses.