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Jumping Spider (Salticidae) Keepers/Husbandry is an active community of people who are interested in keeping jumping spiders as pets.

Why to join

  • Connect with jumping spider keepers and experts around the globe
  • Many jumping spider breeders post spiderlings for sale on the group
  • Get help and advice from experienced keepers
  • Resources for jumping spider keeping in other countries (we have many UK members)


  • This group is for discussing pet jumping spiders in captivity– habitats, food, breeding, figuring out your spider's gender and more
  • For more For more generalized discussion of jumping spiders and to get a wild species ID check out the general jumping spider group
  • Please be aware of the negative ecological impacts that the pet trade can have before purchasing a spider online. Take precautions to make sure exotics don't escape. Capturing a local jumping spider has negligible ecological impact and can be a better choice for beginners.
  • For moderation issues,Send a message to our page
  • Not Allowed

  • Posts that have nothing to do with the group's topic will be removed. If you have more general posts about jumping spiders, please post them to the main jumping spiders group.
  • if you post wild spider ID requests/pictures here I will assume you did not read the rules and remove you from the group. You may Send a message to the page to be re-added
  • Jumping spiders eat other creatures to survive, but content that involves introducing other potentially dangerous arthropods to jumping spiders for entertainment (I.E. "bug fights") is not acceptable.
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